Modelling for is a great experience

It’s been a few months since I am a top model for Yuusk company and I have recently discovered that this is how I want to spend most of my time, so I had to leave my other job at the magazine.

While photoshooting for them, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of  lovely people who invite me to go out for drinks or to watch a movie, or for dinners. They always give me more and more informations on how well is working. This is how I have also found out the answer to “How to find romance in France?”. There are so many people registered on Yuusk who ask these beautiful girls to go out and meet, and they all have a wonderful time.

This is something one of the guys registered on told me. He is very pleased that through this exclusive website he found a very nice girl, even though she’s not from France. It seems that she is a german girl, very beautiful, very smart and they love traveling together now and photographing every city they visit. They have regular dinner at the end of the week in the same place, somewhere nice in Paris and he told me he would like to keep this as a habit.  Something he also said and made me laugh was:” Thank God for the English language”. Well, I agree with him because this is the language most of the people use on so they can talk to each other.

I sometimes wonder how it would be for me to find someone to travel with and have a wonderful time and how this website would be so great for me but it would be unprofessional of me to do this as now I work for Yuusk. This is why I wanted to share this with you in case you might want to try something new, something exclusivist.

I have to leave you now, hurrying up to a dinner I’m going to tell you more about if it goes well.




How to find romance in France?

Since before landing I loved the view and I felt like something is going to happen, something will change drastically in my life. First day at work was quite weird as the things were a bit different than in London. The boss gave us some tips of how we could interract more with people in the industry and  how to develop ourselves better. Amongst these things he told us that it’s a big plus if we’re art lovers, so we could go to some art galleries where we can find so many interesting people. I always loved art, as I said it in a previous article, so that’s what I did. At that end of the week I’ve been  to an art exhibit held by some unknown artist. While I was there I met this guy that started telling me about some travel-dating website, named When he told me that name I remembered that it was the same website the models from Japan were talking about. I thought this must be something big if they were all talking about it.

So I went home that night and I’ve started googleing about it. This got me really interested so I went to and I registered myself, I uploaded some photos and wrote some informations about me. As soon as I updated my profile, one of  the Yuusk managers contacted me to ask me if I would like to come to their office In Switzerland for an interview as a model. At first I was a bit skeptical but after thinking a bit I said I should give this a try.

After 5 days I took my portofolio with me and all my confidence and flew to Switzerland for the interview. I have to say that I loved their idea of mixing traveling with dating, also the fact they are a strict company that only gathers the most exclusive, important people and beautiful girls from all over the world. Apparently they liked me as much as I liked them as they have chosen me as one of the’s image models.


I had some many things going on that time and with the new job at Yuusk I had to travel quite often to Switzerland, so I wanted to make clear what my priorities were. It was a bit hard as well because I was alone and I thought I might need someone in my life, who will help me cope with all the things going on. Even though it is said that Paris is the city of romance, it was quite hard for me to find someone who would appreciate me for who I am.

Now you might want to know the answer at my question in the title, well this is what I also wanted to know at the time, but I have found out a bit later, that’s why I will give you some details in my next article.



My life has changed

Hello! I love sharing my experiences with people that want to know the world so this is what I am going to do.

One year ago I won the “Miss Bikini Moldova” contest, so I was selected to represent Moldova in Japan that year for the International pageant that was to follow. I loved being there, getting ready for the contest and making friends from all over the world, mostly models. They were all sociable, beautiful and fun girls. Some of them were talking about some social websites they were crazy about but I wasn’t very trustful about these kind of stuff at that time so I didn’t pay much of attention. Unfortunately for me, another girl was the winner but that didn’t make me feel bitter. It actually made me realize that I have to work harder if I want to do something with my physical qualities and also that there is an entire world waiting for me to explore.

The following week  I came back  in Moldova from Japan and I started to make a list of countries and places I would like to visit and see what happens. I was desperate to go to Milan in Italy, to visit France, Spain and England. I thought these were amongst the best countries in Europe where I would have a chance to work in the fashion industry.

First, I went to Spain and I loved especially the weather there. A girl can get a tan so easily in Spain as the weather is so warm and mostly sunny.I went clubbing and I have made so many friends, mostly guys I would say.Maybe because I love it when guys give me attention and that’s exactly what happened. This was in Ibiza, where I had so much fun, enjoying the pools and the malls during the day and dancing in the moonlight in the night time. In my last days spent in Spain I went to visit the “Sagrada Familia” church because I knew it’s a piece of art and history. I was totally impressed of what I’ve seen there and I hope one day I will go back.

I will tell you more interesting details in the next articles. 🙂

Xoxo until next time,