My life has changed

Hello! I love sharing my experiences with people that want to know the world so this is what I am going to do.

One year ago I won the “Miss Bikini Moldova” contest, so I was selected to represent Moldova in Japan that year for the International pageant that was to follow. I loved being there, getting ready for the contest and making friends from all over the world, mostly models. They were all sociable, beautiful and fun girls. Some of them were talking about some social websites they were crazy about but I wasn’t very trustful about these kind of stuff at that time so I didn’t pay much of attention. Unfortunately for me, another girl was the winner but that didn’t make me feel bitter. It actually made me realize that I have to work harder if I want to do something with my physical qualities and also that there is an entire world waiting for me to explore.

The following week  I came back  in Moldova from Japan and I started to make a list of countries and places I would like to visit and see what happens. I was desperate to go to Milan in Italy, to visit France, Spain and England. I thought these were amongst the best countries in Europe where I would have a chance to work in the fashion industry.

First, I went to Spain and I loved especially the weather there. A girl can get a tan so easily in Spain as the weather is so warm and mostly sunny.I went clubbing and I have made so many friends, mostly guys I would say.Maybe because I love it when guys give me attention and that’s exactly what happened. This was in Ibiza, where I had so much fun, enjoying the pools and the malls during the day and dancing in the moonlight in the night time. In my last days spent in Spain I went to visit the “Sagrada Familia” church because I knew it’s a piece of art and history. I was totally impressed of what I’ve seen there and I hope one day I will go back.

I will tell you more interesting details in the next articles. 🙂

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