Yuusk model? Yes!

Yep, as I already talked about it, I am an Yuusk.com model and I am very proud about it. Why? Because I work with great people who respect me and who make me feel appreciated.

I’ve traveled a lot since I work for this company and I visited the most beautiful places in this world. I am sure there are many others to come because this world is full with destination worth visiting and I am ready for it!

I made great friends, people who just wanted to find other people interested in traveling and we had lots of fun. Also I think I met my love in this ‘journey’ cuz now I find myself thinking about someone frequently and I guess this means I am in love :D.

In my opinion, and now I am trying to be how objective I can, Yuusk worked great for me and I heard it worked nice for others too. I like about this platform their wish of keeping high-class and very safe. Sometime their rules might seem annoying but in fact if you think closely this is exactly what gives you a good experience and keeps you away of strange things :D.

I really wanted to share this because maybe there are lots of girls out there who wanna join so here I am as a proof that everything should be fine. Just try it!


‘Till the next time,



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